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The Historical Archives of the European Union is the repository for various oral history programmes, launched to preserve the voices of European politicians and officials. The Archives preserves the original recordings and written transcripts and makes these materials available for research.

This section on Records Creators lists the various biographical notes on each individual person that was interviewed as part of the oral history programmes. The biographical note is structured along the international archival standard for the description of archival authorities.

The integration of the biographical notes of interviewees into the list of archival authorities allows for a complete overview of all individiuals’ memories present at the HAEU, be it in form of an interview or a private archival deposit.

The authority records for the various oral history holdings of the HAEU comprise 595 interviews, divided among six distinct programmes: Voices on Europe, the European Commission 1958-1973, the European Commission 1973-1986, Europe in Space, EUI Interviews, Jean Monnet – Statesman of Interdependence.

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