Camps, Miriam

1916 (Lynn ( Massachusetts))
Historical Notes

After being awarded degrees from both Mount Holyoke College and Bryn Mawr College (1937-1938), Miriam Camp became Foreign Affairs officer in the U.S. State department during World War II (1939-1954). During that time she worked in several sections such as the Board of Economic Warfare at the U.S. Embassy in London, the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Economic and Social Affairs, the Policy Planning Staff and the Bureau of European Affairs. She specialised in problems relating to European economic cooperation and integration and was involved in the development and implementation of the Marshall Plan, the Organization for European Economic Cooperation and the European Coal and Steel Community. In 1953 she was acting head of the US Delegation to the annual meeting in Geneva of the UN Economic Commission for Europe. In 1954, she resigned to marry Professor William Camps. Miriam Camps returned to the State Department in 1961 as consultant to the under secretary for economic affairs, and in 1967 she became an international economist in the Office of the Secretary. She was appointed vice chairwoman of the State Department’s Planning Council from 1968 to 1970. Miriam C. Camps died in 1995.

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