BABE-96 Interview with Emperatriz Machaca Segura, Lucho (pseudonym choosen by the interviewee) and Tania Tello Machaca

Document date: 05 August 2016

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1 drawing, 1 textual record, 3 videos, 1 audio.

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Hernández Nova, Leslie Nancy; Musa, Samir

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Location of the interview: Sweden - Stockholm - The interviewees' house
Provenance of the intervieew: Peru - Huancayo, Chilca.
Name of the interviewer: Hernández Nova, Leslie Nancy

Emperatriz, Lucho and Tania, are political refugees in Sweden. The couple were militant followers of the 'Juventud' of the 'Izquierda Unida', which was part of the Peruvian Communist party. The family describes their experiences during the years of political violence and terrorism when Shining Path group (Sendero Luminoso) in Ayacucho emerged during in the 1980s and contextualised their decision to the country. Emperatriz and her daughter Tania emigrated to Timrå, a small town in Northern Sweden, in 1992; the rest of the family was forced to leave the country following the loss of their friends and family and direct threats to Lucho from the Shining Path group, including a bomb which went off in their home in Chilca where the husband had the mayor charge. The family was reunited in -year-. The production of the witness correspondes as following: 1 drawing depicting his place of origin on an A4 sheet; 1 list of words in Quechua, 3 videos, 1 file audio.

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Archivist Notes

The interview was used in a documentary entitled "Non posso dire di essere peruviana, ma un miscuglio" (Italy, 32', 2017, Giulia Cinisselli and Leslie Hernández Nova, in a 13 minute clip. It makes use of the first interview with Emperatriz held on 5 August 2016 and the group interview held on 6 August 2016, both of which were conducted by Leslie Nancy Hernández Nova at their home in Slona in Stockholm. Emperatriz was also interviewed individually prior to this interview (BABE-095). These clips from the interviews used in the documentary have been transcribed.

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