Adoption en langue grecque d'actes du Conseil destinés à être publiés au Journal Officiel

Documents from 06 June 1979 to 11 July 1990

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CM5 ADH_ADH2_00067_001
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Carr, Mary

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Adoption en langue grec d'actes du Conseil par le Comité des Représentants Permanents; Journal officiel grec


ST_10054_1983_INIT; ST_10338_1980_EXT; ST_10376_1980_INIT; ST_10438_1980_EXT; ST_10526_1980_INIT; ST_10673_1980_INIT; ST_11137_1980_INIT; ST_11230_1980_EXT; ST_11246_1980_INIT; ST_11452_1980_EXT; ST_11541_1980_INIT; ST_11898_1980_INIT; ST_11943_1980_INIT; ST_12107_1980_REV1; ST_12126_1980_INIT; ST_12320_1980_EXT; ST_12328_1980_INIT; ST_4655_1980_INIT; ST_4669_1980_INIT; ST_4873_1980_EXT; ST_5222_1983_INIT; ST_5340_1983_EXT; ST_5348_1979_INIT; ST_5403_1983_EXT; ST_5865_1986_INIT; ST_5909_1980_INIT; ST_7172_1980_INIT; ST_7741_1990_INIT; ST_7969_1980_EXT; ST_7971_1980_EXT; ST_7980_1980_INIT; ST_8093_1980_REV1; ST_8247_1980_INIT; ST_8383_1980_INIT; ST_8539_1980_EXT; ST_8596_1980_INIT; ST_8741_1980_INIT; ST_9044_1981_EXT; ST_9076_1981_INIT; ST_9076_1981_REV1; ST_9087_1979_INIT; ST_9249_1981_EXT; ST_9409_1981_EXT; ST_9437_1980_INIT; ST_9461_1980_EXT; ST_9464_1981_EXT; ST_9478_1980_INIT; ST_9723_1980_INIT; ST_9900_1980_INIT

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Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian

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Existence of Copies
Central Archives of the Council of the European Union

Microfiches and/or electronic copies of the documents can be consulted at the Council's archives in Brussels.

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