CM2/1982-00388/001 Règlement (CEE) n° 2144/82 du Conseil du 27.07.1982 modifiant le règlement (CEE) n°337/79 portant organisation commune du marché viti-vinicole

Documents from 16 October 1981 to 08 March 1983

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CM2 CEE, CEEA_1982_00388_001
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Carr, Mary

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Procédure écrite concernant la consultation du PE et du CES; Proposition de la Commission; Travaux du Conseil


ST_10104_1981_INIT; ST_10120_1981_EXT; ST_10248_1981_EXT; ST_10370_1981_INIT; ST_10375_1981_EXT; ST_10442_1981_EXT; ST_10496_1981_INIT; ST_10663_1981_INIT; ST_10773_1981_EXT; ST_10789_1981_EXT; ST_11183_1981_EXT; ST_11184_1981_EXT; ST_11185_1981_EXT; ST_11285_1981_INIT; ST_11286_1981_INIT; ST_11368_1981_INIT; ST_11724_1981_INIT; ST_11777_1981_EXT; ST_11795_1981_INIT; ST_11887_1981_INIT; ST_12010_1981_EXT; ST_4207_1982_EXT; ST_4480_1982_INIT; ST_4510_1982_ADD1; ST_4813_1982_INIT; ST_4865_1983_EXT; ST_4874_1982_EXT; ST_4907_1982_EXT; ST_5030_1982_INIT; ST_5079_1982_INIT; ST_5123_1982_INIT; ST_5152_1982_INIT; ST_5232_1982_EXT; ST_5233_1982_EXT; ST_5234_1982_EXT; ST_5393_1982_ADD1; ST_5393_1982_INIT; ST_5421_1982_INIT; ST_5487_1982_INIT; ST_5595_1982_EXT; ST_5696_1982_INIT; ST_5821_1982_INIT; ST_5858_1982_INIT; ST_5969_1982_EXT; ST_6097_1982_COR1; ST_6097_1982_COR2; ST_6097_1982_INIT; ST_6141_1982_EXT; ST_6142_1982_EXT; ST_6143_1982_EXT; ST_6144_1982_EXT; ST_6244_1982_INIT; ST_6279_1982_EXT; ST_6342_1982_EXT; ST_6438_1982_EXT; ST_6740_1982_INIT; ST_6761_1982_INIT; ST_7629_1982_EXT; ST_7630_1982_EXT; ST_7631_1982_EXT; ST_9912_1981_EXT

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Abstract: Volume 1981/0127 Date indicative : 15/10/1981 PROPOSITION DE REGLEMENT (CEE) DU CONSEIL modifiant le règlement (CEE) n° 337/79 portant organisation commune du marché viti-vinicole (présentée par la Commission au Conseil) (FRA) PROPOSAL FOR A COUNCIL REGULATION (EEC) amending Regulation (EEC) No 337/79 on the common organisation of the market in wine (presented by the Commission to the Council) (ENG) VORSCHLAG EINER VERORDNUNG (EWG) DES RATES zur Änderung der Verordnung (EWG) Nr. 337/79 über die ...
Reference Code: CEUE_SEGE-COM(1981)0408
Original Reference Code: COM(1981)408
Description Level: Dossier
Dates: 1981 to 1981
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