CM2/1986-00738/002 Directive 86/635/CEE du Conseil du 08.12.1986 concernant les comptes annuels et les comptes consolidés des banques et autres établissements financiers

Documents from 01 August 1985 to 22 July 1986

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CM2 CEE, CEEA_1986_00738_002
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Carr, Mary

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Deuxième proposition modifiée de la Commission; Suite des travaux du Conseil


ST_10239_1985_INIT; ST_10295_1985_INIT; ST_10392_1985_INIT; ST_10435_1985_INIT; ST_10737_1985_INIT; ST_11186_1985_INIT; ST_16962_1985_INIT; ST_4048_1986_INIT; ST_4201_1986_INIT; ST_4413_1986_INIT; ST_4696_1986_INIT; ST_4697_1986_INIT; ST_4842_1986_INIT; ST_5014_1986_INIT; ST_5015_1986_INIT; ST_5016_1986_INIT; ST_5017_1986_INIT; ST_5042_1986_INIT; ST_5063_1986_INIT; ST_5293_1986_INIT; ST_5700_1986_INIT; ST_5701_1986_INIT; ST_5856_1986_INIT; ST_5948_1986_INIT; ST_6080_1986_COR1; ST_6080_1986_INIT; ST_6080_1986_REV1; ST_6369_1986_INIT; ST_6620_1986_INIT; ST_7047_1986_INIT; ST_7356_1986_INIT; ST_7675_1986_INIT; ST_8217_1985_INIT; ST_8218_1985_INIT; ST_8848_1985_INIT; ST_8965_1985_INIT; ST_8966_1985_INIT; ST_8967_1985_INIT; ST_8968_1985_INIT; ST_8969_1985_INIT; ST_9125_1985_INIT; ST_9126_1985_INIT; ST_9127_1985_INIT; ST_9295_1985_INIT; ST_9816_1985_ADD1; ST_9816_1985_INIT

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Central Archives of the Council of the European Union

Microfiches and/or electronic copies of the documents can be consulted at the Council's archives in Brussels.

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Abstract: Volume 1985/0256 Date indicative : 20/12/1985 DEUXIEME PROPOSITION MODIFIEE DE DIRECTIVE DU CONSEIL concernant les comptes annuels et les comptes consolidés des banques et autres établissements financiers (présentée par la Commission au Conseil en vertu de l'article 149, alinéa 2 du Traité CEE) (FRA) Second Amended Proposal for a COUNCIL DIRECTIVE concerning the annual accounts and consolidated accounts of banks and other financial institutions (submitted to the Commission to the Council pursuan ...
Reference Code: CEUE_SEGE-COM(1985)0755
Original Reference Code: COM(1985)755
Description Level: Dossier
Dates: 1985 to 1985
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