Possible internationalization of the fusion programme

Documents from 08 January 1982 to 21 December 1982

Summary minutes of CCFP meetings held on 7/8 January 1982, 2 April 1982, 22/23 June 1982, 20 October 1982, 7 December 1982
Opinion of the CCFP on the organization of the net and technology programme adopted at its meeting on 8 January 1982
Status of the US work on stellarators
Aide-mémoire on IFRC
Proposal for a revision in the year 1983 of the multi-annual research programme (1980-1983) of the Joint Research Centre (COM(82)489)
Minutes of IFRC meeting held in Baltimore on 8/9 September 1982
Report of visit to Japan by D. Palumbo
Proceedings of the European Tokomak Programme Workshop held at Schliersee from 8 to 10 November 1982
Proposal for a European scientific and technical strategy framework programme 1984-1987 (COM(82)865)




Paper file

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