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Belgium-Italy. 1955-1958: Diplomatic correspondence between the Belgian Embassy in Rome and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs concerning: mainly: -Speech of Mr. Martino. Italy's Minister of Foreign Affairs to the senate, -Translation of an open letter to Mr. Spaak in "Europa Federata". - Venice Conference . -Position of the Italian industrialists towards the Common Market. -Signing in Rome of the Treaties on the Common Market Euratom. -Pie XII towards the Common Market and Euratom. -FAO: cocoa market. Belgium - France. 1955-1956: Mainly: -Report of the Belgian Embassy in Paris to the Minister of Foreign Trade concerning the French atomic program. (23.6.1955) -Report of our Embassy's agricultural attaché to the Minister of Agriculture concerning the integration of agriculture within the European scale (15.6.1955) -Report of the Embassy to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs concerning the Brussels Conference (13.10.1955) -Different press abstracts concerning the European atomic pool (20.1.1956) -Report of our Embassy (20.1.1956) regarding the Action Committee for the United States of Europe: development of the atomic energy in Europe. -Report of our Embassy (17.5.1956) relative to the project of the Common Market and the eventual inclusion of the overseas territories. -Report of our Embassy (22.6.56) relative to the vote of the Council of the Republic to PISANI's project creating a military division within the A.E.C. -Next debate in the National Assembly. -Division caused by the atomic policy within the parliamentary opinion and the Government. -Possible attitude of the French delegation in the Brussels Conference. -Report of our Embassy (27.6.1956) regarding the creation of a National Institute of Nuclear Science and Techniques. -Opinion formed by the Economic Council (meeting of 12/7/1956) regarding the study of the Common Market -Bulletins of the Economic Council (12 and 13 July 1956) Correspondence between the Embassy of Belgium in France and the Belgian Minister of Foreign Trade for: -Project of the common market. Reservations of the French opinion. Debate in the Economic Council and press campaign. -European Coal and Steel Community. The social charges, salaries and taxes and the competition within the Common Market – Study of the High Authority -Disparity of French and foreign prices Study of the General Direction of Prices and of the economic researches -Commentaries of the French industrial press, incidences on the project of the Common Market. -The problem of the franc zone and of the overseas territories’ integration into the European Common Market -General report (1956) of the Committee for the Study of Economic Integration of the metropolis and of the overseas countries. Various press articles on the Common Market Official Journal of the French Republic (14/11/1956)

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