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Document from [1955] to [1958]
Finding Aids:

Access to a reading room belonging to the Archives Directorate; provision of microfilm files not available in document form; two microfilm readers-printers installed in the reading room.

Access Conditions:

For documents dating back more than 30 years and less than 50 years: prior approval required from the "Commission Diplomatique" (Diplomatic Committee). For documents dating back more than 50 years: access authorized by the Archives Directorate.


Intergovernmental Committee created by the MESSINA Conference, 1955-1958 -Minutes of the meetings of the Steering Committee.1955 -Various minutes of the meetings of the Heads of Delegations Committee held in Brussels from 9/7/55 to 20/3/56 -Working documents, 1955-1956 -Evaluation of the existing organisations and of the obtained results by them in various domains by the Messina Resolution, July 1955 -Belgian delegation – Minutes of the meetings, 1955-1956 -Internal notes concerning the Committee's activity and its follow-ups, 1955-1958: mainly: meeting of Noordwijck, Venice Conference, European free trade area, reactions of third countries, T.O.M., G.A.T.T., candidacies for various functions... Numerous transmissions without annexes.

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Reproduction Conditions:

Photocopies: service provided by the reading room supervisor on submission of a reproduction request form completed by the person concerned and initialled for approval by the head of the service; Also available photographs/microfilms and CD-ROMs

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