CFR-09 Drafts, and Members' Amendments and Contributions (May-August 2000)

Documents from 23 May 2000 to 20 July 2000

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- Contributions: Guy Braibant (Personal representative of the French government) on social rights [CHARTE 4280/00], [CHARTE 4322/00], and a Charter Plan [CHARTE 4413/00]; Frits Korthals Altes (Personal representative of the Government of the Netherlands) [CHARTE 4309/00]; Marc Fischbach and Hans Christian Krüger (European Council observers) [CHARTE 4330/00 ADD1]; Lord Goldsmith QC (Personal representative of the government of the UK) [CHARTE 4344/00], on the structure of the draft Charter [CHARTE 4428/00], and the Preamble [CHARTE 4429/00]; Anna Benaki-Psarouda (Member of Greek parliament)t [CHARTE 4392]; Hirsch Ballin (Representative of the Parliament of the Netherlands), relating to the horizontal clauses [CHARTE 4397/00]; Guy Braibant (Representative of the Government of France) and Jürgen Meyer (Representative of the German Parliament): compromise proposal on economic and social rights [CHARTE 4401/00]; Caspar Einem (Representative of the Austrian Parliament), on articles 20-30 [CHARTE 4402/00]; Daniel Tarschys (Representative of the Swedish government) [CHARTE 4408/00]; Marc Fischbach on the horizontal provisions [CHARTE 4411/00]; Rodríguez Bereijo (Representative of the government of Spain) on economic and social rights [CHARTE 4414/00]; Jo Leinen (MEP) on art. 24 [CHARTE 4421/00]; Erling Olsen (Representative of the Danish government), relating to a horizontal article concerning the relation between the Charter and the ECHR [CHARTE 4427/00]; Jürgen Gnauck (Representative of the German Parliament) on social rights [CHARTE 4430/00].

- Comments and amendments: Pervenche Berès, Elena Paciotti and Ieke van den Burg (MEPs) on CHARTE 4193/00 and 4192/00 [CHARTE 4238/00 ADD 1]; Jens-Peter Bonde (MEP) on CHARTE 4170/00 and 4137/00 [CHARTE 4261/00] and 4192/00 [CHARTE 4285/00], and including minority rights [CHARTE 4297/00]; Jürgen Gnauck (Bundsrat) on CHARTE 4192/00 and 4193/00 [CHARTE 4269/00]; Guy Braibant sur les droits économiques et sociaux (CHARTE 4192/00, 4193/00 and 4227/00) [CHARTE 4270/00]; Jürgen Meyer (Bundestag) on the structure of social rights [CHARTE 4271/00]; March Fischbach and Hans Christian Krüger (European Council observers), propositions de dispositions horizontales [CHARTE 4272/00]; Jean-Luc Dehaene (Personal representative of the Belgian government) on CHARTE 4149/00, 4137/00 and 4170/00 [CHARTE 4295/00], and amendment proposals to Horizontal Clauses [CHARTE 4299/00]; Working Group of the German Länder on CHARTE 4227/00 and 4235/00 [CHARTE 4310/00]; Comité des régions: propositions d’amendement concernant les droits civils et politiques et droits des citoyens [CHARTE 4352/00]; Wilhelm Brauneder (Representative of the Austrian Parliament), supplementary proposal on identity rights [CHARTE 4367/00]; Complementary suggestion to article 34 of document CHARTE 4316/00 CONVENT 34, by Daniel Tarchys, personal representative of the government of Sweden [CHARTE 4385/00]; Jürgen Gnauck, amendment to art. 47 [CHARTE 4393/00]; Sylvia-Yvonne Kaufmann (MEP), proposal for amendments [CHARTE 4405/00].

- Praesidium Notes: Proposition pour les articles 1 à 30 (Droits civils et politiques et droits du citoyen [CHARTE 4284/00]; New Proposal for Articles 1 to 30 (Civil and Political rights and citizens’ rights) [CHARTE 4284/00]; Amendment Procedure for CHARTE 4284/00 [CHARTE 4303/00]; New Proposals for the Articles on Economic and Social Rights and for the Horizontal Clauses [CHARTE 4316/00]; Amendments submitted by the members of the Convention regarding civil and political rights and citizens’ rights – reference: CHARTE 4284/00 [CHARTE 4332/00]; Projets d’articles 1 à 30, propositions d’amendements de compromis présentés par le Présidium [CHARTE 4333/00]; Summary of amendments presented by the Praesidium [CHARTE 4360/00]; Contribution from the former President of the Federal Republic of Germany, Roman Herzog, relating to Articles 1-7 [CHARTE 4371/00]; Amendments submitted by the Members of the Convention regarding social rights and the horizontal clauses [CHARTE 4372/00]; Compromise proposal for Articles 31 to 40 (social rights and horizontal clauses) [CHARTE 4373/00]; Summary of amendments received and of Praesidium compromise amendments on economic and social rights and on horizontal clauses [CHARTE 4383/00]; Proposals for Horizontal Articles [SN 3340/00]; Compromise proposal for Articles 41 to 44 [CHARTE 4399/00]; Draft Preamble [CHARTE 4400/00]; Structure of the Charter [CHARTE 4412/00]; Complete text of the Charter proposed by the Praesidium [CHARTE 4422/00]; Text of Explanations relating to the Complete text of the Charter [4423/00].

- Addenda to Praesidium note: amendment 545b submitted by Rodríguez Bereijo, Representative of the Spanish Prime Minister [CHARTE 4332/00 ADD1]; Amendments 599-604 on civil and political and citizens’ rights [CHARTE 4332/00 ADD 2], and 605-606 [CHARTE 4332/00 ADD3].

- Draft preamble by Stefano Rodotà (Personal representative of the Italian government), Andrea Manzella (Italian Parliament) and Elena Paciotti (MEP) [CHARTE 4308/00].

- Letters: from Frits Korthals Altes (Representative of the Government of the Netherlands) to the Convention, relating to the horizontal articles [CHARTE 4406/00]; from Caspar Einem (Member of the Austrian National Council) to Roman Herzog [CHARTE 4417/00].

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