CFR-08 Drafts, and Members' Amendments and Contributions (January-April 2000)

Documents from 06 January 2000 to 18 April 2000

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Zantedeschi, Francesca

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- Discussion draft of Jürgen Meyer (Bundestag) [CHARTE 4102/00].

- Proposition de Charte Européenne des droits fondamentaux soumise par Georges Berthu (MPE) [CHARTE 4103/00].

- Secretariat paper: Horizontal Questions [CHARTE 4111/00].

- Presidency notes: Draft list of fundamental rights [CHARTE 4112/00]; Projet de liste des droits fondamentaux [CHARTE 4112/1/00 REV 1]; Draft list of fundamental rights [CHARTE 4112/2/00 REV 2].

- Contributions of: Paavo Nikula (Personal representative of the Government of Finland) [CHARTE 4117/00]; Guy Braibant (Personal representative of the Government of France) [CHARTE 4121/00], [CHARTE 4160/00]; Lord Goldsmith, QC at the meeting of 1-2 February [CHARTE 4122/00]; Anne-Marie Sigmund (rapporteur du Comité économique et social) [CHARTE 4125/00]; Jacob Söderman (European Ombudsman) [CHARTE 4131/00]; Messers Fischbach and Krüger (Council of Europe observers) [CHARTE 4136/00]; Marc Fischbach (Council of Europe observer) [4139/00]; Frits Korthals Altes (Personal Representative of the Dutch Government) [CHARTE 4145/00]; José Barros Moura (Parlement du Portugal) [CHARTE 4152/00]; Sylvia Kaufmann (MEP) (motion tabled by the PDS grouping in the German Bundestag) [CHARTE 4189/00]; Andrea Manzella (Italian Parliament) (risoluzione della Giunta per gli Affari delle Comunità Europee del Senato italiano) [CHARTE 4196/00]; Hubert Haenel (French Parliament) [CHARTE 4201/00]; Gunnar Jansson and Tuija Brax (Finnish Parliament) [CHARTE 4204/00]; Paavo Nikula, Gunnar Jansson and Tuija Brax [CHARTE 4205/00].

- Comments and draft amendments: Guy Braibant (Personal representative of the French Government) on CHARTE 4123/1/00 REV 1 [CHARTE 4135]; Jürgen Gnauck on CHARTE 4123/1/00 REV 1 [CHARTE 4150/00]; Graham Watson (MEP) on art. 16(1) [CHARTE 4176/00]; Jürgen Meyer on CHARTE 4149/00 Convent 13 [CHARTE 4177/00]; Fischbach and Krüger on CHARTE 4149/00 [CHARTE 4178/00]; Lord Goldsmith, QC (personal representative of the Government of the UK) on CHARTE 4149/00 [CHARTE 4179/00]; Guy Braibant on CHARTE 4149/00 [CHARTE 4180/00], 4192/00 and 4193/00 [CHARTE 4214/00], and 4123/00 [CHARTE 4221/00]; Erling Olsen (Personal representative of the Government of Denmark) on CHARTE 4149/00 [CHARTE 4181/00]; George Papadimitriou (Personal representative of the Government of Greece) on CHARTE 4149/00 and 4170/00 [CHARTE 4182/00], 4192/00 and 4193/00 [CHARTE 4222/00]; Jürgen Gnauck on CHARTE 4149/00 [CHARTE 4183/00], and 4137/00 and 4170/00 [CHARTE 4203/00]; Gunnar Jansson (Finnish Parliament) on CHARTE 4149/00 [CHARTE 4184/00]; Paavo Nikula (Personal representative of the Government of Finland) and Tuija Brax (Finnish Parliament) on CHARTE 4149/00 [CHARTE 4185/00]; Ben Fayot (Parliament of Luxembourg) on 4149/00 [CHARTE 4186/00]; Stefano Rodotà (Personal representative of the Italian government) on CHARTE 4149/00 [CHARTE 4187/00]; Andrew Duff (MEP) on CHARTE 4149/00 [CHARTE 4188/00]; Ingo Friedrich on CHARTE 4149/00 [CHARTE 4191/00] and 4170/00 [CHARTE 4201/00]; Jürgen Meyer on CHARTE 4170/00 and 4137/00 [CHARTE 4195/00]; Alvaro Rodriguez Bereijo (Personal representative of the Spanish government) on CHARTE 4159/00 [CHARTE 4202/00]; Charlotte Cederschiöld (MEP) on articles 10 and 16 [CHARTE 4206/00]; Claude de Granrut (member du Comité des Régions) on CHARTE 4170/00 [CHARTE 4207/00]; Johanna Maij-Weggen (MEP) on CHARTE 4192/00 [CHARTE 4225/00].

- Letters: from Rocco Buttiglione to Mendez de Vigo, Chairman of the European Parliament delegation [CHARTE 4118/1/00 REV 1]; from Elena Paciotti (MEP) to Praesidium [CHARTE 4138/00] and [CHARTE 4142/00]; letter from Rocco Buttiglione (MEP) to Roman Herzog, President of the Convention [CHARTE 4151/00].

- Praesidium notes: Draft articles (CHARTE 4123/1/00 REV 1]; Proposed Articles (Articles 10 to 19) [CHARTE 4137/00]; New proposal for Arts 1-12 (now 1-16) – reference docs: CHARTE 4123/1/00 REV 1 and CHARTE 4137/00 [CHARTE 4149/00]; Amendment procedure for CHARTE 4149/00 [CHARTE 4156/00]; Proposed articles on the rights of citizens (Articles A to J) [CHARTE 4170/00]; Proposal for social rights [CHARTE 4192/00]; Proposals for social rights (draft Articles on health and social protection) [CHARTE 4193/00]; Proposals for social rights III [CHARTE 4227/00]; Horizontal clauses [CHARTE 4235/00].

- Secretariat notes: Comparative table (CHARTE 4123/1/00 REV 1, CHARTE 4137/00 and ECHR) [CHARTE 4140/00].

- Note from Roman Herzog (Chairman and Personal representative of the Government of Germany): Proposed structure and new draft articles 1-9 (see CHARTE 4123/1/00 REV 1) [CHARTE 4141/00], [CHARTE 4141/1/00 REV 1].
- Draft Charter of Lord Goldsmith (Personal representative of the Government of the UK) [CHARTE 4146/00].

- Resolution of the EP adopted on 16 March 2000 (Report by Andrew Nicholas Duff and Johannes Voggenhuber) [CHARTE 4199/00].

- Corrigendum à la note de transmission de CHARTE 4221/00 [CHARTE 4221/00 COR 1].

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