BABE-103 Fieldwork carried out by testing the BABE project's visual data collection regarding Peruvian migration to Europe

Document date: 01 May 2017

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25 drawings, 29 textual records.

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Hernández Nova, Leslie Nancy; Musa, Samir

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Location of the interview: Italy - Pinerolo - I.I.S. MICHELE BUNIVA - PINEROLO
Provenance of the intervieew: Italy - Pinerolo, Piedmont, Italy.
Name of the interviewer: Hernández Nova, Leslie Nancy; teachers: Graziella Bonansea, and Maurizia Rolfo

The pilot workshops "Nuove migrazioni in un’Europa al confine" (New migrations Within European Borders) were conducted during the 4th and 5th periods of high school, during which time the students had six hours of interactive lessons in Spanish. The students produced visual materials during the IV A RIM class by reflecting on the ways in which their personal experiences fit within the broader creation of history. They studied national (Italian), European, and world history, placing their own knowledge of the world and understanding of history within the historical canon. They then created a timeline of significant historical events which they had personally experienced and took notes on a documentary entitled "Non posso dire di essere peruviana, ma un miscuglio" (Italy, 32', 2016, Giulia Cinisselli e Leslie Hernández Nova). The production of the witness correspondes as following: 25 drawings on an A4 sheet; 17 timelines; 10 descriptions of drawings; 17 sets of notes written by students about a documentary discussing the project; 1 description of the seminar (hard copy); 1 article (pdf).

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Italian, Spanish

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Archivist Notes

A selection of the students' drawings was published in an article entitled “L’Europa narrata dalle nuove generazioni. Il caso peruviano in Spagna, Italia e Svezia” by Leslie Nancy Hernández Nova in a special issue of I quaderni della memoria e dell'oblio: Corpi, memorie e visualità (Sentimenti e prospettive generazionali di un’Europa al confine, ed. Graziella Bonansea, pp. 129-186). The partial transcriptions refer to notes used in the article. Clearance form is missing.

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