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Documents from [1968] to [12/1984]

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Publications from EEC Institutions:
European Community: November 1968, July/August 1973, September 1974, December 1980
European Cooperation Fund 1977 including: III.1 European Identity and our future by Henri Brugmans, III.2 Europe, A guilty Conscience and the Media –by Georges Suffert
Bulletin of the European Communities: Supplement 5/79 Air transport: a Community approach – Memorandum of the Commission (1979), Supplement 8/79 A trade network for Europe – Outline of a policy (1980), Supplement 9/79 European Union – Annual report for 1979 (1980), Supplement 1/81 Report for the Commission of the European Communities to the Council pursuant to the mandate of 30 May 1980 (1981), Supplement 10/73 For a Community policy on education
The European Teacher – Journal of the Irish Section of the European Association of Teachers Vol.8, no.1 1971
Ireland today – Bulletin of the Department of Foreign Affairs, 15 March 1977
Education Series, Commission of the European Communities - Joint programmes of study "An instrument of European cooperation in higher education" by Alan Smith from the Collection Studies, Education Series no. 7 Brussels, July 1978
Seatrade Conferences – Towards a shipping Policy for the EEC, Transcript of a Seatrade conference held at Brussels Sheraton Hotel, September 11-12, 1978 including an introductory address by Richard Burke
European File - Tax harmonization in the Community 7/81 April 1981
Development strategy to 2004 Volume 3 Summary – Galway-Mayo Region, enclosed has a note stating that it was addressed by Mr. Richard Burke member of the Commission of the European Communities to the Galway/Mayo Regional Development Organisation at the Westport Hotel, Westport, Co. Mayo on Friday, 23 November 1984
Community Report: February 1977, vol.4, no.1 Bulletin published by the Irish Office of the European Communities, July/August 1982, vol.2, no.7 Incorporating Euroforum, January 1983, vol.3, no.1 Ten years in Europe, February 1984, vol.4 no.1 Incorporating Euroforum , October/November 1984, vol.4 no.9 Incorporating Euroforum, December 1984, vol.4 no.9 Incorporating Euroforum.

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