EFTA Documents 131 - 172 for 1961

Documents from 22 September 1961 to 28 December 1961
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Notes by the Secretariat and Member Country delegations on: Hallmarking. Analysis methods used in the laboratories with regard to the assay of works of gold, silver, platinum or palladium in order to provide these works with the official control mark: note by the Danish Delegation; Hallmarking: Report by a Group of Experts meeting on 19-20 September, 1961 (with corrigendum); Removal of UK import duty: notification by the UK Delegation; Restoration of temporarily suspended import duties: notification by the UK Delegation, 27 September 1961; Norwegian Import Quotas 1960-1961: Utilisation: note by the Norwegian Delegation; Hallmarking: Costs Incumbent on a Danish Exporter to the UK: note by the Danish Delegation; Financing of EFTA Publicity: note by the UK Delegation (with revision); Temporary Exemption of Certain Products from UK Import Duty: note by the UK Delegation; The Free Circulation of Goods and the System of Inter-regional Payments for the Portuguese Area: note by the Secretariat (with addendum); Presentation of EFTA’s First Annual Report to the Council of Europe; Elimination of Duties on Trade between Portuguese Territories: notification by the Portuguese Delegation; List of names of the District Customs Authorities in Denmark which are authorised to give certificates of EFTA origin: note by the Secretariat; Danish global quotas 1960-61; Removal of UK import duty; Temporary Exemption of Certain Products from UK Import Duty; Internal Taxes; Prohibition of Export Duties; Quantitative export restrictions; New Customs Duties to be Applied to para.6 of Annex G: notification by the Portuguese Delegation; Activities of the Association: note by the Secretary-General; Second meeting of the Consultative Committee. Report by the Secretary General to the Consultative Committee re. Item 2 of the Provisional Agenda; Report by the Secretary-General to the Consultative Committee Supplementing EFTA’s First Annual Report; Council decision on acceleration; EFTA Consultative Committee, Second meeting, Vienna, 5-6 December, 1961: note by the Secretariat. (with corrigendum); The Free Circulation of Goods and the System of Inter-regional Payments for the Portuguese Area; Restoration of Temporarily Suspended Import Duties: note by the UK Delegation; Review of Qualifying Processes Permitting the Use of Non-Area Wooltops in the Manufacture of Yarn: report of Experts Groups; Temporary exemption of certain products from UK Import Duty; Norwegian Import Quotas; Internal Taxes, Export Duties and Quantitative Export Restrictions; Council of Europe : Recommendation on European Economic Relations; GATT. Discussion on the EFTA Report and the EFTA/Finland Agreement; Reduction in Norwegian Customs Duties; Modifications of Norwegian Rates of Customs Duties from 1 January 1961; Audit or Receipts and Expenditures from Date of Inception to 30.06.1961 and Balance Sheets dated 30.06.1960, 30.06.1961: report by the Auditors; Preparation for Working Party on Quotas; Hallmarking: Methods of Assay at Present Employed in Norway; Hallmarking: Danish proposal for Common Hallmarking System; Association of Greece with the EEC.

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