EFTA Documents 61 - 100 for 1960

Documents from 12 April 1960 to 07 June 1960
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Notes by the Secretariat and Member Country delegations on : OEEC Foreign Trade Statistics: Letter from Mr. Ingemar Hägglöf, Chairman of the Preparatory Committee, to Mr. J.F. Cahan, Deputy Secretary-General of the OEEC; Notification of Authorised Bodies: notes by delegations; Note on Revenue Duties: questions submitted by delegations; Swiss Delegation: Réponse au questionnaire autrichien (EFTA 22/60); Financial Regulations (with revision); Final report by the Technical Group on Revenue Duties; Executive Secretariat: Manning Table (and revised Manning Table); The Group of the Presentation of EFTA to GATT. Summary record of the meeting 25 – 26 April 1960; Delegation: Restoration of suspended import duties; Establishment of a Consultative Committee: note by the Secretariat (with revisions); Notification of Quotas. Note by the Secretariat. Including appendices 1 – 7 (application to Austria, Denmark, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, UK and corrigenda, addenda);Association of Finland with EFTA: report to Governments; Portuguese Base Date. Document circulated by the Portuguese Delegation; Evidence of Area Origin: note by the Secretariat; Relations with International Organisation. Note by the Secretariat (with addendum); Statement made by the Delegate of Finland to the Council at its 2nd meeting in Lisbon; Association of Finland with EFTA. Draft Agreement (revised) (and addenda – French version and revision of the text of Annex III to the draft agreement; Meeting of experts on information and publicity; Establishment of a Customs Co-operation Committee; Reply from the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the EFTA to the Chairman of the EEC Council of Ministers; Restoration of suspended import duties. Document circulated by the UK Delegation; Changes in the Swedish customs duties on certain products: notification by the Swedish Delegation; Quantitative import restrictions (Article 12): note by the Secretariat (with corrigendum); Eliminating the protective element of revenue duties: statement by the UK Delegate at the 4th meeting of the Council; Changes in the Swedish Customs duties on certain products: notification by the Swedish Delegation

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