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Documents from [2013] to [2014]
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I / Notes de Michel Waelbroeck (2013-2014)
. 2013
‘Eligibility for funding Under Horizon 2020 : compliance with article 3(5) of the Treaty’ (15/01) ; ‘Horizon 2020 : analysis and justification of the draft amendment to article 9 of the proposed regulation on participation’ (28/01) ; ‘Main points for the H2020 Shadow Rapporteurs Meeting of 9 April 2013’ (09/04) ; ‘Provisional application of the protocol regarding Israel’s participation in EU programmes. Consequences for Israel’s participation in Horizon 2020’ (12/04) ; ‘Non Paper : EU Guidelines on Israeli participation in EU Programs’ (11/08) ; ‘Analysis of Mattin Group briefing of 6 November 2013 concerning EU - Israel MoU for Horizon 2020’ (12/11).
. 2014
‘Should Israeli ‘Approved exporters’ be allowed to certify origin of settlement products?’ (23/06).

II / Notes et articles de Michel Waelbroeck et Willem-Gert Aldershoff, ancien fonctionnaire de la Commission européenne (2013-2014)
NB : ‘Horizon 2020 : choice of criterion to be used for allowing participation’ (19/03/2013) ; ‘Why the Israeli Non-Paper on the EU Guidelines is wrong’ (12/10/2013) ; ‘Why the Kohelet Report on the EU grants guidelines is wrong’ (21/10/2013) ; ‘Israel’s obligations as an occupying power, their violations by Israel and the implications for EU policy: executive summary’ (27/01/2014).

III / Articles non publiés de Michel Waelbroeck et Willem-Gert Aldershoff pour le journal « Haaretz » (2013)
‘Israel is indeed being singled out by the EU’ ; ‘Rebuttal of the criticism of the European Commission’s Guidelines of 19 July 2013 made by former Israeli Ambassador Alan Baker’ ; ‘Banning business dealing with the Israeli settlements - The EU’s next move?’ ; ‘What the European Commission Guidelines are really about’ ; ‘Disingenuous attacks on the Guidelines for EU funding of Israeli activities in the occupied territories’.

IV / Divers (2013-2014)
Lettre de Michel Waelbroeck and Willem-Gert Aldershoff to aux ministres des Affaires étrangères de l'Union européenne concernant les objections d'Israël aux Guidelines de l'Union européenne (29/08/2013).
‘Practical consequences of EU Commission Guidelines on grants to Israeli entities’ : letter sent by Michel Waelbroeck to NGO’s (12/12/2013).

Aussi : Draft paper on ‘International consequences of Russian nationalisations of Crimean assets’ (05/04/2014).


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