MFA-GR-KY1962/7.1,3-4, KY1962/32.1-2,4, KY1962/33.5, KY1962/52.9, KY1962/72.1-5, KY1962/73.1-9, KY1962/74.1-7, KY1962/75.1-5, KY1962/76.1-7, KY1962/77.1-8, KY1962/78.1-6, KY1962/79.1-3,6, KY1962/80.1-5, KY1962/81.1-9, KY1962/82.1-6, KY1962/83.1-2,4-5, KY1962/84.

Central Registry 1962. European integration files

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Finding Aids:

Printed inventory and electronic database under preparation

Access Conditions:

Access subject to prior permission of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, according to the Regulation of the Service of Diplomatic and Historical Archives

Extent and Medium:

90 files


Council of Europe. Broadcasting - Television - Press - Convention for the Protection of Human Rights - Court, economic issues, agricultural and cultural issues - Education - Culture, Young People - Social Security, Public Health - Free Sanitary Zone, Refugees, Movement of persons in Europe, Accession of Switzerland, Secretariat - Administrative and internal issues, Transports, FAO Exhibition, Committee on Civil Aviation, Committee on Crime Prevention, Social Committee, Arbitration Committee, Protection of Nature, Cooperation with Developing Countries, European Centres, Regions of Europe, Local Authorities - Council of Europe - OEEC, joint Committee - European Economic Cooperation - European Parliamentary Convention.- European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC) and Euratom: Accession of Great Britain - European Economic Community (EEC), relations with EFTA, Association with Greece and other countries, common market, political organisation, commercial marine - Political Union of Europe, The Fouchet Plan. Participation of Greece - Council of Europe. Passport abolition. Conventions, privileges and immunity, European Court, invitation of Cyprus to the Council of Europe - European Agreement on the Exchange of Therapeutic Substances of Human Origin - European Parliamentary Assembly, President Furler - European Social Charter - European Cooperation, Council of Ministers - Free circulation of educational material - Fishing - Cultural relations with countries of Eastern Europe - European Youth Centre - Agricultural Policy

Fonds Creator:

Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Athens

Reproduction Conditions:

Reproduction is free of charge, within the limits set by the Regulation of the Service of Diplomatic and Historical Archives

Legal Status Notes:

Publication of documents is not permitted without prior permission of the Service of Diplomatic and Historical Archives

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