MFA-GR-KY1951/34.1-5, KY1951/35.1-4, KY1951/36.1-5, KY1951/37.1-5, KY1951/37.2-5, KY1951/44.3, KY1951/48.1-3, KY1951/73.1, KY1951/76.1, KY1951/103.3-4, KY1951/118.1,3,4, KY1951/132.1-3,5-7, KY1951/154.6, KY1951/167.8, KY1951/169.1, KY1951/172.1

Central Registry 1951. European integration files

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Finding Aids:

Printed inventory and electronic database under preparation

Access Conditions:

Access subject to prior permission of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, according to the Regulation of the Service of Diplomatic and Historical Archives

Extent and Medium:

40 files


Council of Europe. Revision of the Statute. Privileges and immunities. Social and medical assistance. Committees. Copenhagen Plan for European Broadcasting. Certificate of Patent for Inventions. - Creation of a European Passport. Unification of requirements. - European Union - European cooperation. Consolidation and reinforcement of the idea of European Union . - Provisions for the major railway networks. - Meetings and Sessions of the Committee of Ministers of Foreign Affairs ( 7th, 8th, 9th ) - European Defence Community (EDC). European Army. Position of Greece. - Educational issues. - European Customs Union. - Organisation for European Economic Cooperation (OEEC). - Organisation of a European Economic Community.

Fonds Creator:

Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Athens

Reproduction Conditions:

Reproduction is free of charge, within the limits set by the Regulation of the Service of Diplomatic and Historical Archives

Legal Status Notes:

Publication of documents is not permitted without prior permission of the Service of Diplomatic and Historical Archives

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