CENYC.C-02 European Youth Center (EYC) and European Youth Foundation (EYF)

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The EYC is an educational establishment of the Council of Europe with its own building and statutes. "As an instrument of participation of European Youth and of non-governmental youth organisations in the building of Europe, it shall contribute to implementing the youth activities programme of the Council of Europe". It has two organs:Governing Board (eight representatives each of Governments and international non-governmental youth organisations appointed for four years with the task of drawing up and executing the programme, drawing up the annual report and managing the budget) and the Advisory Committee (ten to fifteen representatives of international non-governmental youth organisations, makes suggestions to the Board). It started its operational work in 1972.
The European Youth Foundation:
After nine years of discussions (the proposal for its foundation was initially formulated during the seminar "Youth Policy in Europe" held by the CENYC in December 1963) the statutes of the foundation are adopted on 15/05/1972 by the Council of Ministers and it becomes operative in May 1973.
The aim was to "promote youth co-operation in Europe by providing financial support to such European youth activities which served to promote peace, understanding and co-operation between the people of Europe and of the World in a spirit of respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms."
The foundation has four organs: the Intergovernmental Committee (representatives of the member states of the Foundation:determines the endowment of the Foundation and examines the programme), the Governing Board (eight governmental representatives appointed for eight years by the Intergovernmental Committee and eight representatives of youth organisations designated every three years by the Advisory Committee: examines activities to be financed and draws up the annual report), the Advisory Committee (eight representatives of national youth committees and non-governmental youth organisations: advises the Intergovernmental Committee and the Governing Board) and the Board of Auditors (three members appointed by Intergovernmental Committee).
In the late eighties a revision by the "Working Party on Council of Europe Structures concerning Youth" led to a fusion of the Advisory Committees and the Governing Board, which were operating for both institutions from 1989 onwards.

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