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Documents from 12 March 1953 to 31 December 1999
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Digitised volumes are available for research or private study as text readable (OCR) pdf to registered/authorised users. Download of digital content is restricted. The digitisation of Europe Daily Bulletin/Bulletin quotidien carried out by the Library of the European University Institute (EUI) will cover overall the years 1953-1999. At the moment only the English version of Europe Daily Bulletin covering the years 1979-1999 is available in digital form. The French version, Europe Bulletin quotidien, covering the years 1953-1999 is in the process of being digitised. For the years 2000 on, the EUI subscribes to the Agence Europe database that gives access to current Daily Bulletins. This is a subscription database and is accessible to EUI authorised users only.
Print volumes of Europe Daily Bulletin (English version, 1979-1999) can be consulted on site at the EUI Library .

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Monica, Steletti


Europe Daily Bulletin/Europe Bulletin quotidien is Agence Europe's daily newsletter covering since 1953 all aspects of European integration with detailed daily news articles and insights into European politics and policies. Each Daily Bulletin is about 20 pages long and is divided in topical sections.
Europe Daily Bulletin was originally published only in French. Publications in two languages (French and English) only appeared at a later date (mid '70s).

Several separately numbered supplements have been published over the years, including:
- Economic interpenetration in Europe and the rest of the world: issued daily, covering international business, finance and economic transactions. An annual index with a list of names/acronyms of all firms covered in this supplement was also published (1978-1996).
- Atlantic News/Nouvelle Atlantiques: a biweekly bulletin started in November 1967 covering political, military, technological and industrial aspects of defence. Later continued by Europe Diplomacy & Defence for matters relating to CSDP and PESCO.
- European Library: weekly insert on relevant publications on European matters.
- Europe Weekly Selected Statistic.
- Europe Brief Notes.
- Europe Documents, issued irregularly: a selection of relevant documents produced by the European institutions.
- European Special Elections: special issues assembling information and observations concerning the electoral campaigns for the European Parliament elections of 1979, 1983-1984.
Agence Europe also published an annual comprehensive index, called "Eurosynt". (1976-1997) listing all topics covered in Europe Daily Bulletin. This is a very useful reference tool: a keyword search through the index will bring up all issues of the Daily Bulletin in which a specific topic has been treated.


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Administrative and Biographical History

Agence Europe is a European press agency founded by Lodovico Riccardi, former president of the press agency ANSA, who established in 1952 a new specialised press agency to specifically collect, publish and distribute news and in-depth analysis of the nascent European Economic Communities. Located first in Luxembourg (where the first European Community, the ECSC, had just been established) and later in Brussels, Agence Europe has provided extensive and documented accounts of European Union institutional activities and policies. High profile journalists such as Emanuele Gazzo, Ferdinando Riccardi, Marina Gazzo and others have made Agence Europe an authoritative source of information for the study of the European Union integration process set in motion by the Treaty of Paris (1951).
Emanuele Gazzo, (1908-1994) was the first director of Agence Europe. This Italian journalist from Genoa was an expert in economic and maritime affairs and an advocate of European federalism. Under his direction, Agence Europe gained prestige and authority in European affairs as the press agency could count on a precious network of relations with functionaries and politicians directly involved in the European project. Marina Gazzo took her father's position at Agence Europe until 2006 along with Ferdinando Riccardi and later his son Lorenzo Riccardi, who is the current director.

Custodial History

The English volumes of Europe Daily Bulletin are part of the EUI Library collection. The French volumes of Bulletin Quotidien will be transferred from the Agence Europe headquarter in Brussels to the European University Institute in Florence to be digitised. After digitisation they will be returned to Agence Europe.

System of Arrangement

The English version of the Daily Bulletins (1979-1999) are bound in volumes and are arranged per publication year. On average there are 6 bound volumes per calendar year (two months per volume). Each Europe Daily Bulletin features a running number issued by Agence Europe.
Some supplements, namely Economic interpenetration in Europe and the rest of the world, Atlantic News, and European Library are bound with respective issues/years of Europe Daily Bulletin. Other supplements, such as European Special Elections; Europe Documents, and Europe Weekly Selected Statistics, are bound separately.

Reproduction Conditions

The Copyright of this resource belongs to Agence Europe©. The EUI Library makes this resource available in digitised form for research or private study purposes according to Directive 2001/29/EC and according to provisions on the use and reproduction of digitised material covered by copyright laid down by the Italian Law of 22 aprile 1941, n. 633 Protezione del diritto d'autore e di altri diritti connessi al suo esercizio and successive modifications.

Physical Characteristics

The original print issues of Europe Bulletin quotidien (French version printed on yellow paper) and Europe Daily Bulletin (English version printed on pink paper) are bound in volumes.
Print volumes have been digitised with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) allowing for text to be easily searched, copied, edited, or used for computational text analysis methods.
Inner margins on facing pages (i.e. the space around the edge of a page) of the print bound volumes are, in some cases, very tight. Thus, the first and last words on mirroring pages of the digitised version during the scanning process may have been either cut off and/or are only partially readable.

Legal Status Notes

The EUI and Agence Europe have undersigned an Agreement on 12/07/2018 that allowed the EUI Library to digitise:
- the Bulletin CECA, in French, continued by Europe Bulletin quotidien, from 1953 to 1999.
- the Daily Bulletin, in English, from 1979 to 1999 and Supplements in English: Election Special; Eurosynt; Economic Interpenetration in Europe and the Rest of the World; Brief Notes; Atlantic News.

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