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The private papers of Giulio Fossi concern his relations with external institutions in his role as expert in external cooperation in the OECD Development Centre, There is material on the work of the "Fondation de France" with the Less Developed Countries (LDC's) through the "Comité de Tiers Monde". Fossi could be considered the link between the OECD and the NGO's active in the Third World. The finances were given by the Foundation, and Fossi and the Committee's expert, Michèle Barrière discussed the various projects that were proposed to decide which would receive financial aid.
Furthermore in his capacity as expert for external cooperation, Fossi was invited to conferences, workshops, seminars and meetings of the various NGO's involved in development aid to the ACP countries. Fossi or other OECD Development Centre representatives would report back on what was going in the the field of North/South and South/South relations.
The Development Centre tried very hard to counteract the idea of the OECD as a "Rich-Man's Club". Giulio Fossi, in his functions defended the intellectual independence of the Centre's researchers; their freedom to express their convictions on the subjects they were investigating and researching, above and beyond any type of bureaucratic censorship. In this manner, the Centre did its utmost to cultivate ties with research institutes in the ACP countries alongside OECD Member countries.

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Another transfer is expected from Giulio Fossi concerning the Society for International Development (SID) and the European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes (EADI).

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