Interview with Tugendhat, Christopher

From the The European Commission 1973-1986. Memories of an institution Collection

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Recorded in 17 August 2010
Interview by Piers Ludlow

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Au cours de l'interview le témoin a abordé les sujets suivants : Appointment process for Commissioners; Jenkins/Thorn presidency contrast; composition of cabinets; allocation of portfolios; EC budget; relations with European Parliament; British Budgetary Question; European Monetary System; steel industry crisis and Commission response; Commission G7 representation; roi Jean Quinze; Commission meetings; French Commissioners; personnel politics; linguistic balance; relations with COREPER; relations with national ministers; Franco-German axis; enlargement (Greece, Spain, Portugal); Jenkins' cabinet; George Thomson; Christopher Soames; Margaret Thatcher; Roy Jenkins; John Davies; James Callaghan; François Ortoli; Finn Gundelach; Gaston Thorn; Etienne Davignon; Lorenzo Natali; Douglas Hurd; Edgard Pisani; Richard Hay; Horst Reichenbach; Patrick Hillary; Pauline Neville-Jones; Roy Denman; Valéry Giscard d'Estaing; Helmut Schmidt; Jacques Delors; John Palmer; Antonio Giolitti; Raymond Vouël; Daniel Strasser; O. Bus Henriksen; Gérard Imbert; Paolo Clarotti; Pierre Baichère; Carlo Facini; Jozef van Gronsfeld; Michael Butler; David Williamson; Geoffrey Howe; Frans Andriessen; Poul Dalsager; Richard Burke; Claude Cheysson; Emile Noël; Klaus-Dieter Ehlermann; Donald Maitland; Luc de Nanteuil; Niels Ersboll; Renato Ruggiero; Philippe de Schouteete; Joseph van der Meulen; Manfred Lahnstein; Klaus von Dohnanyi; Laurent Fabius; Maurice Papon; Andrew O'Rourke; Arthur Cockfield; François Mitterrand; Helmut Kohl; Georgios Kontogeorgis; Raimundo Bassols; Wilhelm Haferkampf; Willy Brandt; Claude Villain; Eamonn Gallagher; Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa; Pierre Mathijsen; Jimmy Carter; Crispin Tickell; Hayden Phillips

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