Interview with Burke, Richard

From the The European Commission 1973-1986. Memories of an institution Collection

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Recorded in 10 May 2012
Interview by Piers Ludlow

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Au cours de l'interview le témoin a abordé les sujets suivants: Education, start of political career, interest in European Community, Fine Gael and European Parliament, interest in Christian Democracy, circumstances of appointment, choice of cabinet, quality of cabinet, night of the long knives, reappointment to the (Thorn) Commission, transport policy, negotiations with US, idea of informal Commission meetings, spell at Harvard, return to Irish politics, British budgetary question (the mandate), Greek problem, Greenland, aftermath of Falklands War, politics of the Thorn Commission, Fontainebleau agreement, EMS, effect of European Council on Commission, Small state/large state contrast, origins of Single Market project, purpose of European integration, Northern Irish problem, relations with European Parliament, linguistic balance, open skies negotiations, Channel Tunnel, Liam Cosgrove, Sean Lemass, Jack Lynch, John Bruton, Patrick Hillery, Declan Costello, Garret Fitzgerald, Justin Keating, David Andrews, Liam Hourican, John Hogan, Michael Lillis, Catherine Day, Alan Dukes, Noel Coghlan, Roy Jenkins, David Owen, François-Xavier Ortoli, Wilhelm Haferkamp, Christopher Soames, Roy Denman, Christopher Tugendhat, Lorenzo Natali, Raymond Vouël, Etienne Davignon, Crispin Tickell, Jimmy Carter, Emile Noël, Fernand Spaak, Finn Olav Gundelach, Charles Haughey, Brian Lenihan, Michael O'Kennedy, Peter Sutherland, Leon Brittan, Claude Cheysson, Ivor Richard, Edgar Pisani, Poul Dalsager, Frans Andriessen, Andreas Papendreou, Henk Vredeling, François Mitterrand, Jacques Delors, Michael Emerson, Valéry Giscard d'Estaing, Helmut Schmidt, Karl Heinz Narjes, Helmut Kohl, Leo Tindemans, Dries Van Agt, John Hume, Claus Dieter Ehlermann, Jacques Chirac, Tony Crosland, Raul Alfonsin, George Bush, Daniel Ortega, Jonathan Motzfeldt, Jean Schwed, Georges Spénale, Gwynyth Dunwoody, Barbara Castle, Ian Paisley, Edward Heath, Margaret Thatcher,

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