Molden, Otto

13 March 1918 (Vienna [Austria]) - 15 June 2002 (Paphos [Cyprus])
Historical Notes

Otto Molden was an Austrian historian, federalist and author of various books about European identity and history. His father E. Molden was a diplomat, writer, Austrian opponent to Nazi-Regime and after the war founder of the leading Austrian paper "Die Presse". His mother P. von Preradovic was a poetess and wrote the Austrian National anthem. After having attended the gymnasium in Vienna, he read law and history and together with his father and younger brother Fritz he joined the Austrian Resistant Movement. In 1945 he founded the "European Forum Alpbach" where the ideas for a peacefully united Europe were promoted and discussed. From 1945 to 1960 and from 1970 to 1992 he was its president. Politically he was active for European integration by founding in 1959 Federalistic International (FI), which subsequently opened sections in Austria, Germany and Switzerland and other countries. He was also active in defending the independence of Taiwan by founding in the early 1970's an Committee for Chinese-European Co-operation. In the late 1990's OM reactivated the idea of a federalist European party by founding the European National Movement (ENM).

Created Fonds
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