Traduction du droit communautaire dérivé en langue grecque

Documents from 03 July 1980 to 23 October 1980

Identity Statement

HAEU Reference Code
Original Reference Code
CM5 ADH_ADH2_00069_040
Reference Archivists

Carr, Mary

Content and Structure


Règlements de 1976


ST_1030_1980_INIT; ST_1070_1980_INIT; ST_1079_1980_INIT; ST_1083_1980_INIT; ST_109_1980_INIT; ST_110_1980_INIT; ST_111_1980_INIT; ST_112_1980_INIT; ST_115_1980_INIT; ST_116_1980_INIT; ST_117_1980_INIT; ST_1173_1980_INIT; ST_118_1980_INIT; ST_119_1980_INIT; ST_1355_1980_INIT; ST_1357_1980_INIT; ST_294_1980_INIT; ST_371_1980_INIT; ST_381_1980_INIT; ST_414_1980_INIT; ST_415_1980_INIT; ST_416_1980_INIT; ST_488_1980_INIT; ST_638_1980_INIT; ST_651_1980_INIT; ST_671_1980_INIT; ST_736_1980_INIT; ST_737_1980_INIT; ST_739_1980_INIT; ST_786_1980_INIT; ST_900_1980_INIT; ST_901_1980_INIT; ST_906_1980_INIT; ST_934_1980_INIT; ST_952_1980_INIT

Conditions of Access and Use



Allied Materials

Existence of Copies
Central Archives of the Council of the European Union

Microfiches and/or electronic copies of the documents can be consulted at the Council's archives in Brussels.


Notes and Remarks

Les documents suivants ne sont jamais parvenus aux Archives: DD-GR 353/80, DD-GR 566/80, DD-GR 567/80, DD-GR 707/80, DD-GR 779/80, DD-GR 780/80, DD-GR 918/80, DD-GR 1311/80, DD-GR 1638/80, DD-GR 1639/80, DD-GR 1646/80, DD-GR 1791/80, DD-GR 1811/80, DD-GR 1812/80, DD-GR 1814/80 et DD-GR 1816/80

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