Interview with Hannay, David

From the The European Commission 1973-1986. Memories of an institution Collection

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Recorded in 14 July 2011
Interview by Piers Ludlow

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Au cours de l'interview le témoin a abordé les sujets suivants: Soames' relations with other Commissioners, avis on Greek membership, strength of DGI, Soames' cabinet, circulating minutes (British vs French traditions), agriculture, institutional issues, Transatlantic relations, Year of Europe, Washington Energy Conference, allocation of external affairs portfolio to Soames, golden handshake scheme, learning how the Commission worked, British appointments to Commission, role of a chef de cabinet, ‘hebdo' meetings, Commission ‘missions' abroad, ACP relations, negotiating with the Americans, opening to China, links with ASEAN, Eastern Europe, COMECON, Tokyo Round (GATT), Mediterranean enlargements, first contacts with Portugal after Carnation Revolution, Franco's funeral, Greek avis, Commission role in EPC, renegotiation – Commission role, 1975 referendum, handover to Jenkins, Christopher Soames, Pierre Lardinois, François Ortoli, Claude Cheysson, Henri Simmonet, Paddy Hillery, George Thomson, Ralf Dahrendorf, Guido Brunner, Altiero Spinelli, Edmund Wellenstein, Roland de Kergorlay, Theo Hijzen, Helmut Sigrist, Graham Avery, Denis Gautier-Sauvagnac, Hans Wijnmaalen, Carlo Trojan, Henry Kissinger, Valéry Giscard d'Estaing, Michel Jobert, Con O'Neill, James Marjoribanks, Michael Palliser, Christopher Ewart-Biggs, Gwyn Morgan, Crispin Tickell, Michael Jenkins, Stanley Johnson, Emile Noël, Jean-Claude Paye, Philippe de Margerie, Paul Luyten, Manfred Lahnstein, Riccardo Perissich, Jean-Pierre Leng, Pierre Duchâteau, Renato Ruggiero, Richard Hay, Adrian Fortescue, Wolfgang Ernst, Uwe Kitzinger, Robert Jackson, Aldo Mazio, Curt Heidenreich, Richard Nixon, Joseph Greenwald, Bill Casey, Bill Eberle, George Shultz, Louis Kawan, Nicolae Ceausescu, Constantinos Karamanlis, Vasco Gonçalves, Mario Soares, Ernesto Melo Antunes, James Callaghan, King Juan Carlos, Finn Gundelach, Jean Sauvagnargues, Inger Nielsen, David Goodchild, Carlo Scarascia-Mugnozza, Louis Rabot, Michel Carpentier, Fernand Braun, Christopher Audland, Klaus Meyer, Harold Wilson, Michael Butler, Roy.

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