Interview with Westlake, Martin

From the The European Commission 1986-2000. Memories of an institution Collection

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Recorded in 27 April 2017 Brussels
Interview by Birte Wassenberg in English

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1 Jan 2050

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During the interview, the following topics were discussed:
- his educational background and career stages;
- his stage in the Secretariat-General’s Directorate for relations with the European Parliament;
- UK’s vision of European integration;
- the impact of world wars in the idea of Europe;
- his European commitment;
- the fall of the Berlin Wall and German unification process;
- Émile Noël, David Williamson and Carlo Trojan: atmosphere and dynamics in Secretariat-General;
- the increase of competences of the European Commission;
- the Delors personality cult;
- today’s politicized Commission;
- the presidency of the Groupe des Affaires Parlementaires;
- anecdotes about Parliament’s sessions;
- John Fitzmaurice’s role in the Secretariat-General;
- the annual ‘State of Union’ debate;
- Jean-Claude Eeckhout’s way of chairing difficult meetings;
- making a career in the Commission;
- his passage from Secretariat-General to DGX;
- key personalities;
- question time in Strasbourg’s plenary sessions;
- German unification;
- administrative and budgetary reforms.

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