Middlemas, Keith

1935 ([United Kingdom]) - 10 July 2013 (Sussex)
Historical Notes

Professor Keith Middlemas joined the University of Sussex in 1966 as a lecturer in History. He was a Professor of History at Sussex from 1986 to his retirement in 1998. He was a Visiting Professor at Stanford University in 1984 and the University of Beijing in 1989. His publications include: "Baldwin: A Biography" (1969); "Diplomacy of Illusion: the British Government and Germany 1937-1939" (1972); "Cabora Bassa: Engineering and Politics in Southern Africa" (1975); "Power and the Party: Changing Faces of Communism in Western Europe" (1980), "Power, Competition, and the State: Britain in Search of Balance, 1940-1961" (1986).

Created Fonds
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