Foreign and Commonwealth Office and predecessors: Information, News and Guidance Departments: Registered Files (I and P Series)

Document from [1967] to [1974]
Finding Aids:

Available are: Online catalogue (The National Archives website), detailed lists, some original registers of correspondence.

Access Conditions:

Under the terms of the Public Records Acts 1958 and 1967 documents are transferred after 30 years to The National Archives and opened to the public.

Extent and Medium:

1474 files


This series contains registered files of the Information, News and Guidance Departments. The records relate to the provision of factual guidance to overseas posts on government policy, and the policy, financial and administrative affairs of the overseas information services, plus the work of liaising with UK and overseas press, radio and television.

Fonds Creator:

FO,Information Administration Dep. & Information Policy Dep.,1967-1968 Commonwealth Office,Information Policy Dep.,1966-1968

Reproduction Conditions:

Photocopies of documents, 35mm microfilm, electrostatic prints, prints from film, bromide print, scanned images, black and white photographs and colour photographs can be supplied. Official certified copies may also be ordered.

Legal Status Notes:

Records are subject to Crown copyright protection unless otherwise indicated. Where copyright items are being republished or copied to others, the source of the material must be identified and the copyright status acknowledged.

Publication Notes:

?ore creators: FCO,Guidance Dep.,68-70/Information Administration Dep.,68-75/News Dep.,68/Information Policy Dep.,68-70/EC Information Unit,70-72/Guidance and Information Policy Dep.,70-77. Also see

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