General Registry 313 series (collection of political/general reports from missions abroad)

Document from [1942] to [1973]
Finding Aids:

Printed inventory of deposited files available in the Reading Room in National Archives. Searchable catalogues on National Archives website.

Access Conditions:

Any member of the public is admitted provided he/she is accepted as a reader by the Director of the National Archives. No particular qualifications are needed. Official letters of introduction or recommendation for non-nationals are normally not required.


313 series covers confidential reports received from missions abroad .

Fonds Creator:

Missions abroad reporting to Political Division, Department of Foreign Affairs

Reproduction Conditions:

Photocopying and microfilming provided. Charges will apply and prices vary depending on requirements

Legal Status Notes:

Copyright. Permission to publish is granted on request in respect of documents produced by Ministers and Public Servants in the course of their official duties.

Publication Notes:

Sub-series of possible interest: 313/4 Paris; 313/5 Berne; 313/6 Holy See; 313/8 Rome; 313/9 Madrid; 313/10 Bonn; 313/11 Lisbon; 313/20 Brussels (Embassy); 313/30 The Hague; 313/31 London; 313/36 UN; 313/40 Copenhagen; 313/45 European Community

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