Sub-Registry series CM/… (Common Market Series)

Document from [1962] to [1973]
Finding Aids:

Printed inventory of deposited files available in the Reading Room in National Archives. Searchable catalogues on National Archives website.

Access Conditions:

Any member of the public is admitted provided he/she is accepted as a reader by the Director of the National Archives. No particular qualifications are needed. Official letters of introduction or recommendation for non-nationals are normally not required.


CM series covered a broad spectrum of EEC related material. A number of these files were re-registered into the 650 series in the late 1990s.The finding aids in the National Archives reflect the original CM numbers which remain the best guide to the content of the various subseries.

Fonds Creator:

Economic Division/European Communities Division, Department of Foreign Affairs

Reproduction Conditions:

Photocopying and microfilming provided. Charges will apply and prices vary depending on requirements

Legal Status Notes:

Copyright. Permission to publish is granted on request in respect of documents produced by Ministers and Public Servants in the course of their official duties.

Publication Notes:

Sub-series of possible interest: CM/2/...Common Agricultural Policy; CM/6/…… Files relating to Ireland’s relations with the EEC including development of negotiations/also effects on Ireland of the suspension of British-EEC negotiations; CM/16/…. Development of Political Cooperation/European Political Authority ; CM/58/…. Queries from EEC re Ireland’s application for membership 1962-; CM/62/… Visits of various EEC officials/others to Ireland ;CM/66/… Parliamentary Questions/statements by Taoiseach (prime minister) and Minister for Foreign Affairs regarding Ireland’s application for membership of the EEC; CM/91/… Meetings of the EEC Council of Ministers; CM/128/… Summit meetings of EEC and applicant countries; CM/144/.. Ireland and the European Coal and Steel Community; CM/149/… Meetings with British Officials on EEC Matters/Wider implications of Anglo Irish Free Trade Agreement ; CM/177/… Organisation of EC Section and administrative arrangements for negotiations; CM/184/… Reports from Embassies (CM 184/6 Perm Rep Brussels see also 600/958); CM/188/.. Visits by Ministers/Civil Servants/President others etc to Brussels; CM/196/…. EEC Publicity/Preparation of booklets for the general public/speeches by Taoiseach and Government Ministers regarding EEC; CM/204/.. Preparation by Departments for membership of the Common Market ; CM/205/... Taoiseach’s (Prime Minister) Meeting with Ministers and Secretaries on EEC matters; CM/214/...Consultation with Commission prior to end of negotiations interim committee minutes etc; CM/215/… Drafting of White Paper on Ireland’s accession to the European Communities; CM/227/… Consultation with Commission prior to end of negotiations-requests by commission for information.

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