Treasury Investigation

Documents from 30 January 1942 to 29 January 1945
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ROOSEVELT LIBRARY, MORGENTHAU DIARY, BOXES n. 519,520,525,527,540-542,550,727,733,735,736,813
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Material concerning the Department of Treasury investigation, headed by Henry Morgenthau, into Monnet, Murnane & Co. because of allegations that the company hid German ownership of companies from the US Government, particularly with reference to American Bosch, this was followed by an investigation into Jean Monnet's taxes, includes:memo to the President concerning William Batt's connection with American Bosch, because of his possibility of becoming involved with the British Purchasing Mission. - Memo for President from Morgenthau regarding George Murnane's involvement in American Bosch, says the company prevented the sale of the American Bosch stock to interests that were unfriendly to German Bosch, which Monnet denied all knowledge of. - Internal Treasury memo on Murnane-Monnet partnership, detailing that an examination into the company had not disclosed any evidence that Murnane or Monnet were representing or acting for Axis interests. - Memo for Morgenthau from President, says that American Bosch have impelled him to study foreign ownership of American corporations, wants to prevent any foreigner or any foreign corporation from owning large blocks of stocks or bonds in American corporations. - Report of meeting between Morgenthau, Lord Halifax and Capt. Oliver Lyttleton regarding his concern about Robert Brand's possible appointment as UK Exchequer Representative in US and informs them of link between Monnet and Bosch. - Information on possible criminal case to be brought against Monnet on his tax returns, but following investigation no conclusive evidence of fraud. - Memo for President from Morgenthau regarding investigation of Lazard Freres. - Memo of conversation between Morgenthau, Halifax and Mr. White regarding Chancellor of Exchequers note advising them on appointment of Robert Brand as representative of UK Treasury in US.

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