Interview with Bonnet, Roger-Maurice

From the Oral History of Europe in Space Collection
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Recorded in 10 February 2005 - Genève
Interview by Prof. J. Krige in English

Topics Pages
ESA: NASA: Hubble Space Telescope: ESA budget 11
ESA: NASA: SOHO observatory 12
ESA: Horizon 2000 programme: European scientific and technological independance 13
ESA: International Space Station 15
international space exploration: Mars exploration 15-16
education, professional career: French military launching sites in Algeria / UV spectrum of the sun: NASA / US Air Force: East-West relations / technoscientific cooperation: 1960-1968 2-3, 6
space policy: France: United States of America / USSR: European scientific and technological independance / technoscientific cooperation: 1946-1975 4-6
international space exploration: Federal Republic of Germany / United States of America: ELDO / Helios solar probes: France / nuclear weapon: 1957-1963 6-7
space exploitation: United States of America: ITAR regulations: industrial espionage / technoscientific cooperation / USSR: 1999-2005 7, 13-15
space policy: France / CNES: Symphonie satellite: European scientific and technological independance / launcher / United States of America 7-8
ESA: Ariane 4 launcher / Ariane 5 launcher: Soyuz launcher: 1988-2005 8
ESA: Spacelab: European scientific and technological independance / NASA: European launcher / Galileo satellites / ISO detectors 9, 12
ESA: NASA: Cassini-Huygens mission / Ulysses mission: radioisotope thermal generator 9-12
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