Interview with Degimbe, Jean

From the The European Commission 1958-1973. Memories of an institution Collection
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Interview Informations

Recorded in 15 December 2003 - Bruxelles
Interview by M. Dumoulin and G. Lavezzi in French

Topics Pages
ECSC: coal: liberalisation of the market: France: 1960-1970 12-13
economic integration: sustainable development: 1972 13-14
enlargement of the Community: United Kingdom: 1967-1972 14-15
domestic policy: France: monetary policy: 1968 15-16
European social policy: 1968-1973 18, 27-28
EC energy policy: petroleum: energy crisis: 1973 19-20
Economic and Monetary Union: Barre Plan: 1968 20-21
EC Commission: Merger Treaty 23-24
ECSC: interest group 25-26
European civil service: civil servants' union: 1970-1980 28-29
European civil service: social life 29-31
education, professional career 3-9
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