Interview with Groeben, Hans Von Der

From the The European Commission 1958-1973. Memories of an institution Collection
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Recorded in 16 December 2003 - Rheinbach
Interview by W. Loth and V. Heyde in German

Topics Pages
EC competition policy: industrial enterprise: 1958-1967 10-11
common agricultural policy: farm subsidies: 1968 11-13
EC Council: Empty Chair Crisis 13-17
EC Commission: Merger Treaty 18-19, 21-25
EC energy policy: 1959 18-21
European Council: 1969 26-28
EC Commission: European Commissioner 29-31
EC competition policy: 1958-1967 7, 20-22, 25-26
economic integration: economic planning: 1958-1967 9, 31
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