Interview with Flynn, Padraig

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Interview Informations

Recorded in 03 December 1998
Interview by A. Lovett in English

Topics Pages
monetary integration: European Monetary System: EMS exchange-rate mechanism: Ireland 11-12
Single European Act: Ireland 14, 16-17
Community employment policy: 1993 24-25
Community regional policy: structural funds: Ireland: 1996 26-28
enlargement of the Community: Ireland: 1961-1973 3-4, 6-7
Economic and Monetary Union: single monetary policy 31-32
intra-Community relations: Ireland / United Kingdom: Northern Ireland 34-36
enlargement of the Union: CEEC 37-38
enlargement of the Community: Ireland: Community membership 9-10
Cited Persons
Delors, Jacques; Kohl, Helmut; Lemass, Sean; Noël, Emile