Interview with Ashford, David

From the Oral History of Europe in Space Collection
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Recorded in 22 October 2007 - Bristol
Interview by M. Godwin in English

Topics Pages
space exploitation: spaceplane: Concorde airplane / NASA 10, 13
space policy: United Kingdom: HOTOL spaceplane: 1982-1986 11
space policy: United Kingdom: British National Space Centre: manned space missions / spaceplane / Spaceship One: 1960-2007 12-14
space policy: United Kingdom: aerospace industry: Airbus A320: 1945-2007 2, 9
education, professional career: aerospace industry: spaceplane: 1961-1989 2-4, 9
space exploitation: space tourism: spaceplane 4-6, 10
space exploitation: aerospace industry: United Kingdom: Automated Transfer Vehicle / ESA study contract / spaceplane: 2003 6-7, 9
space exploitation: aerospace industry: United Kingdom: industrial consortium / spaceplane: 2007 7-8
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Branson, Richard; Sänger, Eugen