Interview with Davignon, Etienne

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Interview Informations

Recorded in 09 November 1998 - 18 January 1999 - Bruxelles
Interview by M. Dumoulin and N. Tousignant in French

Topics Pages
European political cooperation: Fouchet Plan 13-16
EC Council: Empty Chair Crisis: Luxembourg Compromise 16-20
European Council: 1969 17, 29
education, professional career 2-5
international security: NATO: Belgium / France: 1966 22-24, 27-28
East-West relations: Belgium: 1966-1969 25-26, 30
enlargement of the Community: United Kingdom: 1969 29
EC Commission: European Commissioner: allocation of work: 1977 30-32, 39-40
OECD: IEA: 1974-1977 32
Community industrial policy: steel: economic recession: 1977-1980 33-35
EC Commission: President of the Commission: 1981 36-37
Community research policy: 1981-1985 37-38
common agricultural policy: farm prices: vote: qualified majority: 1982 38-39
CFSP 42-44
international relations: Belgium / Congo: 1959-1964 5-11, 24-25, 28
Cited Persons
Eyskens, Gaston; Harmel, Pierre; Noël, Emile; Spaak, Paul-Henri