Interview with Staden, Berndt Von

From the Jean Monnet, Statesman of Interdependence Collection
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Interview Informations

Recorded in 30 April 1987 - Vaihingen / Enz
Interview by F. DuchĂȘne in English

Topics Pages
European Defence Community 10-11
intra-Community relations: Franco-German axis: 1952-1963 11-12, 26-28
EC external relations: EFTA: 1958-1960 12-15
common commercial policy: United States of America: 1958-1963 15-17
EC Commission: European Commissioner / President of the Commission: 1958-1963 17, 23-24
Transatlantic relations: 1956-1969 18-21, 34-35
education, professional career 2-4
European political cooperation: 1969-1980 29-30
promotion of the European idea: Action Committee for United States of Europe 31
European political cooperation: Fouchet Plan 6, 22, 24-25
enlargement of the Community: United Kingdom: 1961-1963 9-10
Cited Persons
Adenauer, Konrad; Butterworth, Walt; Hallstein, Walter; Monnet, Jean