Interview with Stendevad, Ejner

From the The European Commission 1973-1986. Memories of an institution Collection
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Interview Informations

Recorded in 19 December 2011
Interview by Johnny Laursen


Au cours de l'interview le témoin a abordé les sujets suivants: Denmark, head of division, recruitment, Rabot, Danish Agricultural Council, Scandinavian cooperation plans, Common Agricultural Policy, statistical office, statistics and policy effects, currency instability, general studies, forecasts of agricultural production, maximum guarantee quantities system, agricultural quotas, milk quotas, sugar, Lord Cockfield, White Book, Frans Andriessen, Carlo Trojan, Henning Christophersen, Steffen Smidt, professors, British rebates, division for sugar, sugar industry, Lomé Convention, court cases, international trade with agricultural products, Republic of South Africa, wine, Danish Church in Brussels, Mars and Mercury, reserve officers engaged in business, war experiences and Europeanism, national networks, informal information, annual report on agriculture in Europe, Adriaan Ries

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Andriessen, Frans; Christophersen, Henning; Cockfield, Arthur; Ries, Adrien; Smidt, Steffen; Trojan, Carlo