Interview with Ortner, Johannes

From the Oral History of Europe in Space Collection
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Interview Informations

Recorded in 23 July 2011 - Salzburg
Interview by P. Habison in German

Topics Pages
ESA: Austria: ESA association agreement / ESA membership / industrial return / scientific cooperation: Norway: 1981-1987 12-14, 16
space policy: Austria: Austromir: astronaut / ESA 14-15
space research: Austria: astrophysical summer school in Alpbach: young person: 1963-2005 16-18, 21
international space exploration: space exploration prospects 19-20
education, professional career: Kiruna observatory: Nike-Cajun rockets / noctilucent clouds / northern lights / spectrometry: 1957-1962 2-4, 7
ESRO: Austria / ESRO setting up / United States of America 4-6, 8
UNO: UN Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space: Austria: Cold War: 1958-1999 6-7
space policy: Austria: Austrian Space Agency: aerospace industry / industrial return 7-10
ESA: Spacelab: Austria 9-12
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