Interview with Causse, Jean-Pierre

From the Oral History of Europe in Space Collection
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Interview Informations

Recorded in 19 March 2003
Interview by D. Redon in French

Topics Pages
education, professional career: photomultipliers 1-5
space policy: France: SEREB 10-11
space policy: France / CNES: Asterix 1 satellite / FR1 satellite: Diamant launcher / NASA: 1965 14-15
space research: France: CNES / SEREB: Diamant launcher 15-17
space policy: France / CNES: CNES Launcher Division: 1966 17-18
space policy: France / CNES: Europa launcher / SEREB: 1968 19-20
ESRO: ESRO setting up / Large Astronomical Satellite 20-21
ELDO/ESRO: ELDO crisis / ESRO crisis: Causse Report: telecommunications satellites: 1967-1968 21-23, 26
ELDO: Europa launcher: Astrid stage / Blue Streak launcher / LIIIS launcher: ELDO crisis: 1960-1972 24-25
ELDO/ESRO: post-Apollo negotiations: Spacelab: European Space Conference: 1969-1974 26-30
space policy: France / CNES: Hermes shuttle 30
space policy: France / CNES: CNES setting up 5, 8, 10
space policy: France / CNES: Eole satellite / FR1 satellite: NASA: 1962-1971 6-7, 9, 11-14
international space exploration: Vanguard satellite 7
space exploitation: applications satellites: telecommunications satellites / meteorological satellites: 1960-1971 9
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